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Published Dec.18 2012,15:10 PM (GMT+8)
models of 120 & 128 GB
Published Dec.17 2012,16:13 PM (GMT+8)
Compared to traditional hard disk drives, SSDs possess benefits such as shock-resistance, fast transfer rates, and light mass. While factors such as high price and limited capacityinitially served as obstacles impeding its development, in the past two years or so, the storage system hasbegun to take off, and is now faring much better in the area of pricing and consumer acceptance.
Published Oct.09 2012,13:53 PM (GMT+8)
‧DRAMeXchange provides the accurate test and makes the comprehensive comparison between mainstream and advanced SSD products in the market, which will fully reflect SSD performance and transfer rate
Published Oct.09 2012,01:46 AM (GMT+8)
‧DRAMeXchange held the SSD Performance Test for 3 years that have obtained good praise, which establishes high credibility ‧The advertisements on DRAMeXchange English/Chinese websites are targeted for global market‧Increase media exposure with double advertising effect
Published Aug.03 2012,18:30 PM (GMT+8)
OCZ's Z-Drive R4 C series, the PCIe-based SSDs created specifically professional servers, mostly targets enterprise customers and is divided into two lines: the full height CM88 and the half height CM84. The product has capacities ranging from 300GB to 3.2TB, and utilizes SandForce 2281 controllers. Other than good speed performance, OCZ also made sure the Z-Drive R4 would perform well in the stability department. The system configurations for the high-tiered M88 1.6T, which will be reviewed in this article, is shown below along with the test software programs that will be used:
Published Jul.06 2012,13:58 PM (GMT+8)
SuperSSpeed, a branch of the Hong Kong based tech company, RICHMAX, is known for developing high-end data storage devices and other related hardware. The products to be tested and reviewed this time around are the 120GB and 240GB versions of SuperSSpeed’s SATA 3 SSDs. While both the 120GB and 240GB SSDs utilize the SF-2281 master chip, the two versions differ significantly in terms of the NAND flash chips used. The 120 GB version adopts Intel’s 25nm SLC flash chip, whereas the 240GB version opts for Intel’s 25nm MLC flash chip. It is expected that the employment of the two different chips will lead to different performances outcomes.
Published Jun.29 2012,18:07 PM (GMT+8)
BIWIN have 4 High Capacity SSDs tested this time, which are SATA2 Pro series and SATA3 Elite series aiming at performance and mainstream markets. The 4 tested products are BIWIN Pro A813 60GB, BIWIN Pro A813 120GB and BIWIN Elite S836 120GB, 240GB, all with SandForce controller chips but of different types. Pro products use Sandforce-1222 while Elite SSDs adopt Sandforce-2281.
Published Jun.29 2012,17:59 PM (GMT+8)
TIGO is a major manufacturer in the storage market. Among tested TIGO SSDs, 2 SSDs are 128GB and 256GB with high performance.
Published Jun.29 2012,16:36 PM (GMT+8)
Published Jun.04 2012,17:56 PM (GMT+8)
Continuing our SSD product ranking, after the 120 GB SATA 3 SSD category, we tested up to 18 ATA 3 SSD products(240 GB class). This article is part of a series of tests performed by DRAMeXchange, a research division of TrendForce. We tested 42 models of 2.5-inch SSD in our 2012 SSD ranking, covering standard SSD as well as performance SSD used in work stations and high-end notebooks.
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