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Published Jun.06 2019,02:18 AM (GMT+8)
DRAMeXchange , a division of TrendForce , points out that, as ripples from the US ban continue to spread, Huawei's shipments of...
Published Jun.04 2019,09:42 AM (GMT+8)
Kimtigo immediately attracted the attention of customers from various industries and mainstream media at home and abroad upon its appearance.
Published Jun.04 2019,08:56 AM (GMT+8)
Kimtigo has been deeply cultivating for more than ten years in the domestic storage field. It has been highly praised by the industry for its high professionalism, abundant product and complete specifications.
Published May.30 2019,14:10 PM (GMT+8)
DRAMeXchange , a division of TrendForce , says that besides the effects from the traditional offseason 1Q this year, the weakening demand in 4Q18...
Published May.30 2019,02:51 AM (GMT+8)
Kimtigo will display its new products and development philosophy during the 5 days, together with high-tech enterprises from electronic technology industry such as hardware manufacturers, technology enterprises and venture capital enterprises, showing theirs.
Published May.29 2019,06:16 AM (GMT+8)
From May 28, to June 1, the COMPUTEX 2019 open in No. 1 hall at Nangang Exhibition Center, Taipei. Together with numerous famous manufacturers, Shenzhen Kimtigo get together with you with its whole series of quality storage schemes.
Published May.28 2019,14:15 PM (GMT+8)
According to the latest investigations by DRAMeXchange , a division of TrendForce , DRAM prices have faced mounting pressure to trend down in 1Q...
Published May.25 2019,09:01 AM (GMT+8)
This year during Computex, Kingston aims to show high-performance storage products for consumer and enterprise, as well as embedded solutions which power products found in your everyday life.
Published May.20 2019,13:56 PM (GMT+8)
Whether DRAM or NAND Flash, current memory solutions are straining the physical limits of production processes, meaning it is becoming more and more difficult to...
Published May.16 2019,13:51 PM (GMT+8)
According to investigations by global market research institute, TrendForce, despite the sudden orders in the first quarter, recovery was not as up to strength compared...