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【Daily Express】DXI

Published Feb.08 2013,15:36 PM (GMT+8)

In DRAM spot market today, due to Chinese New Year, suppliers stop quoting so that the market momentum shows stagnant. The overall prices are unchanged. In mainstream brands, for DDR3 512x8-1600/1333, the average price rises to USD2.430/2.260, the quotations of DDR3 256*8-1600/1333 rises to USD1.300/USD 1.363, for the price of DDR3 128*8/1333, the price rises to USD0.689 and for DDR2 128M*8/800, the average price declines to USD1.184. Moreover, in eTT parts, the average price of DDR3 512x8/1333 increases to USD2.199, the price of DDR3 256*8/1333 rises to USD1.215, the average price of DDR3 128 *8/1333 is approximately at USD0.465, and for DDR2 128M*8/800, the quotation is around USD1.150.

For NAND Flash spot market, due to Chinese New Year is coming, the momentum demonstrates sluggish. Moreover, suppliers and buyers are passive toward the market. The overall prices are unchanged and trading volume shows dull. For Samsung 1Gb / 2Gb / 4Gb(SL C) / 8Gb(SLC) / 16Gb(SLC) / 16Gb(MLC) / 32Gb(MLC)/ 64Gb(MLC) / 128Gb(MLC ), the prices are around USD1.20~2.05/ 1.77~2.2/ 2.5~2.8 / 5.5~5.55 /10.45~10.6/ 1.95~4.3/ 2.75~2.99/5.5~7.3/ 11.2~11.4. For Hynix 1Gb / 2Gb / 4Gb(SLC) / 16Gb(MLC) / 32Gb(MLC) / 64Gb(MLC), the prices are around USD1.38~1.45/ 1.7~1.98/ 2.7~2.8/ 1.8~1.85/ 2.7~4.05/ 4.28~4.85.

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