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Published Dec.06 2018,06:00 AM (GMT+8)

In today’s DRAM spot market, the momentum remains sluggish and the inquiries shows on each density chip. Since the buyers stay cautious and focus on some specific chips, only a few transactions appear in low-priced part. Eventually, the overall quote keeps dropping. In the mainstream category, the average price of DDR4 8G (1G*8) 2133 drops to 6.541 and the average price of DDR4 512x8-2133 drops to USD 3.043. The average price of DDR3 512x8-1600/1333 drops to USD 2.659 and as for DDR3 256*8 1333/1600 models, the average price stays at USD 1.521. The price of DDR3 128Mx8/1333 stays at USD 1.270 while the price of DDR2 128Mx8/800 stays at USD 1.197; moreover, as for the eTT, the price of DDR3 512x8/1333 drops to USD 1.490 and for DDR3 256Mx8/1333, it drops to USD 0.680. At last, the average price of DDR3 128Mx8/1333 stays at USD 0.300.


In today’s NAND Flash spot market, the inquiries about 32G/64G specific brand chips increase and the suppliers are active in lowering the price to cater buying momentum. However, since the target price of buyers is still unclear, there are no apparent transactions appear in the market and the buying price drops. Regaring the memory card market, the inquiries focus on MicroSD 16G/32G. Since the spots are in short supply, the suppliers are passive in quoting. In conclusion, the buying momentum shows stagnant and the price fluctuates slightly. Samsung 1Gb / 2Gb / 4Gb(SLC) / 8Gb(SLC) / 16Gb(SLC) modules end at 0.80~1.65 / 1.50~1.60 / 1.50~1.60 / 8.35~8.45 / 12.00~12.20. As for SK Hynix 1Gb / 2Gb / 4Gb(SLC) / 16Gb(MLC) / 32Gb(MLC) / 64Gb(MLC) modules, the prices arrive at USD 0.83~1.05 / 1.05~1.12/ 1.55~1.63 / 2.80~2.85/ 2.70~2.85 / 3.53~3.65.

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