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【Performance Test】Evaluation of SUPER SSpeed SSD 64GB SLC / 128GB MLC SSD (Solid State Drive)

Published Mar.05 2010,17:01 PM (GMT+8)


Evaluation of SUPER SSpeed SSD 64GB SLC / 128GB MLC SSD (Solid State Drive)

Since launching the SSD report series earlier this year, we have been surveying and testing the SSD products on the market from different vendors. YoungTeam Technology is one of the well-recognized vendors in the Flash memory market, whose SUPER SSpeed 64GB and 128GB are newly launched items in 2010 that captured our attention.

According to YoungTeam, this series of SSD boasts high-efficiency disk storage, and provides a better storage alternative for desktop PCs and notebooks. In terms of specifications, the 128GB adopts MLC NAND Flash chips, and the 64GB adopts the more pricy SLC NAND Flash chips. As both of these two products use INDILINX BEARFOOT as SSD controller, we can compare the difference between SLC and MLC.


Considering the spec of SATA transmission which is generally adopted by SSDs, we chose the mother board with Intel chipsets as the testing platform, under the new Windows 7 operating system. Details of the specifications are shown below:

SSD testing Results of the test are as follows:

System Boost Performance in Windows System

The most generally-used operating systems for ordinary PCs are Microsoft Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 which was launched in 2009. The startup process of the operating system is an important testing item for hard disks and SSDs, for the complex startup file reading is a good parameter of comprehensive evaluation as its speed is directly reflected.

We installed Windows 7 and observed the startup file transfer speed via the PCMark Vantage Start UP test, monitored and analyzed the startup process of PC through Vantage Vista Start. The core program loading time can be seen in the analysis data chart. The Window startup file transfer speed of SUPER SSpeed 128GB SSD is 114.214MB/s, while that of the 64GB is 105.578MB/s. The improvements in efficiency of both products are significantly higher compared to several SSD products introduced in 2009.

ATTO Disk Benchmark v2.4.3


By testing read and write speed with ATTO Disk Benchmark, we found that of the 2 SSDs, the fastest write speed of 64GB is 201.262MB/s, while the fastest read speed is 251.457MB/s, considering that the file size is 8MB. Under the same condition, the fastest read speed of 128GB is 242.73MB/s, while its fastest write speed is only 156.35MB/s. The smaller the size of the testing file, the less efficient the read and write. The smaller the size of the file transfer, the higher the difference between the write speed and the read speed. The read and write performance of both products are quite positive.
In the difference between SLC and MLC products, with the same SSD controller, read performance of the 128GB model which adopts the MLC is very similar to that of the 64GB model which adopts SLC; however, the write speed is a little slower, as it is limited by the grade of the Flash memory, as well as the intrinsic differences in the performance between the SLC and MLC.

h2benchw v3.6

This test clearly demonstrates the performance of the SSD under various application environments. For the 64GB model, the speed of hard disk swap file is 13.33MB/s; the efficiency of executing word is 90.62MB/s, and its integrated file copy speed is 100.01MB/s. For the 128GB model, the speed of hard disk swap file is 55.56MB; the efficiency of executing word is 173.51MB, and its integrated file copy speed is 139.76MB/s. The overall performance of the 128GB is excellent.
HDTune Pro v3.50





We tested the average read speed in the HDTune Pro. The read speed is rather stable after the gradual increase in the beginning, showing the high efficiency and reliability of the SSD controller chip. In terms of write speed, the highest write speed of the 64GB model is 218.1MB, while that of the 128GB is 211.4MB/s.

IO Meter


IO Meter Evaluation

PCMark05 / Vantage


In PCMARK Vantage, both products performed well, but test scores drops in terms of application software upload, which is more complex and uses up far more read memory.
Performance improvements of both products are significantly better than many SSD products introduced in 2009

The overall performance score of SUPER SSpeed 128GB SSD is quite high, and we list it as one of the recommended high-performance SSD products.

With the same chipset, SLC is better than MLC

YoungTeam’s 64GB model, which adopts the SLC flash memory, performs well in write speed. This product is well-suited for use in high-speed write environments, and is suitable in small- and medium-sized servers for enterprises.

The 128GB model, which adopts the MLC, performs well in read speed. Its capacity is also sufficient as the main hard disk for most users. This product is suitable for notebook users, as well as desktop users who require high performance efficiency.