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【Performance Test】DRAMeXchange’s 2012 SSD Ranking – 120 GB SSD (SATA 2)

Published May.31 2012,17:33 PM (GMT+8)


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Continuing our SSD product ranking, after the 60 GB SATA 2 SSD category, we tested 120 GB SATA 2 SSD products.

This article is part of a series of tests performed by DRAMeXchange, a research division of TrendForce. We tested 42 models of 2.5-inch SSD in our 2012 SSD ranking, covering standard SSD as well as performance SSD used in work stations and high-end notebooks.

The following chart provides information on the 120 GB class SATA 2 SSD products tested:

AS SSD Benchmark 1.6.4013.39530

This program is a good evaluator of SSD performance under different uses. Our tests were run several times, and the average was taken as the result.

Three of the products used SandForce controller chips, one used a Phison chip, and one used a JMicron chip. Other differences include NAND flash chip quality and product retail price.

The leaders in the AS SSD Benchmark test were SuperSSpeed, BIWIN Pro A813, and Wintec D3, but the BIWIN Pro had the best read speed.

HD Tune Pro 5

The HD Tune Pro 5 is a commonly used test. The BIWIN, Wintec, and SuperSSpeed products came out on top in terms of average read/write performance.


The IOMeter test measures SSD response time when reading and writing large amounts of data. The results will differ based on controller chip performance, design, and environment, as well as the NAND flash chip used. The same controller chip paired with different NAND flash chips, or even a different firmware, will result in varied performance.

However, during normal use, reading and writing such high volumes of data is uncommon. Even if such circumstances do occur, it typically only lasts for a short period of time, so this test serves better as a reference. The Patriot product uses a Phison controller chip, and its IOPS results are not far from SSD products on the market that use SandForce controller chips.

The above chart shows that the SuperSSpeed SSO-SF21120G2-25M has the best performance, but the runner-ups, Wintec and Biwin, are not far behind.

Best SATA 2 120 GB MLC SSD

BIWIN Pro A813 120GB
SuperSSpeed SSO-SF21120G2-25M
Wintec D3 W2SS120G1TA-D31MA2-BS1.A1

Best Price-Performance Ratio for SATA 2 120 GB SSD

SuperSSpeed SSO-SF21120G2-25M