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【Performance Test】Tigo Pro 64GB SSD Helps Optimize Comprehensive Storage with Cost Performance Advantage

Published Jun.29 2012,16:36 PM (GMT+8)


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DRAMeXchange 2012 SSD Performance - Tigo Pro SATA3 SSD 128GB and 256GB

This article is part of a series of tests performed by DRAMeXchange, a research division of TrendForce

TIGO is a major manufacturer in the storage market. Among tested TIGO SSDs, an entry-level 64GB product, which is priced at USD 75, is taken as one of current highlights of the entry market in terms of the price performance ratio.

The 64GB SSD boasts a SATA2 interface, a Phison PS3105-S5 controller chip and a Toshiba Toggle 24nm NAND Flash chip.

The following chart provides benchmark software and system specifications:

AS SSD Benchmark

The test results show that SSD using Phison chip lagged behind product with SandForce chip in the AS SSD Benchmark test. However, in light of the overall score, TIGO Pro 64GB SSD performed better than conventional hard disks or lower level SSD products thus it is capable of considerably boosting notebook speed.

The above image shows the results of the performance test.


HD Tune Pro

The product came out in the medium level in the read/write test with good read stability.

Right choice for entry-level customers to boost notebook speed due to the balance between the price and performance


This TIGO Pro SSD product is targeted at entry-level users. Though 64GB is not a large size, it is enough for use in notebook and desktop boot disks as data can be placed in normal disks. It is sold at only USD 75, a sweet spot for the low and medium price SSDs. Not only is the price right for general entry-level users, the 3 year warranty will also satisfy the customer’s needs.


In conclusion, TIGO Pro 64GB SSD can be said to be one of the best performance/cost SSD products among 60GB~64GB class.