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Published 2012-03-12 (GMT+8)

In DRAM spot market today, some buyers start to enquire actively for DDR3 lower price parts, but their target prices are still much far to market quotation. Thus, the transaction status is still less than ideal. The overall price keeps downtrend eventually. In mainstream brands, the quotation of DDR3 256*8/1333 slides to USD0.99, for the price of DDR3 128*8/1333, it stays at USD0.70 and for DDR2 128M*8/800, the average price is around USD1.36. Moreover, in eTT parts, the price of DDR3 256*8/1333 slowly drops to USD0.93, the average price of DDR3 128 *8/1333 is approximately at USD0.52, and for DDR2 128M*8/800, the quotation stands roughly at USD1.27.

For NAND Flash spot market, the buying momentum continues being dull. There are some demands emerge from UBG-A, and the quotations also slightly uplift. However, the trading volume shows limited owing to the negotiation of price is still narrow from bilateral. The overall price remains weak eventually. As for Flash Card, suppliers keep reducing their quotations and there are also some demands on TF4G. However, the buying momentum is still unable to be extended. The trading volume still demonstrates inactive.For Samsung 1Gb / 2Gb / 4Gb(SL C) / 4Gb(MLC) / 8Gb(SLC) / 8Gb(MLC) / 16Gb(SLC) / 16Gb(MLC) / 32Gb(MLC)/ 64Gb(MLC) / 128Gb(MLC ) , the prices are around USD0.98~1.35 / 1.54~2.05 / 2.8~3.09 / 2.4~2.8 /5.7~6.1 / 3.36~3.44/ 11.2~12.7 / 2.33~4.0 / 2.66~3.95/ 5.3~12.8 / 10.2~10.8. As for Hynix 1Gb / 2Gb / 4Gb(SLC) / 4Gb (MLC) / 8Gb(MLC) / 16Gb(MLC) / 32Gb(MLC) / 64Gb(MLC) , the prices are around USD1.38~1.44/ 1.88~1.94/ 3.08~3.14 / 2.3~2.4/3.33~3.44/ 2.19~2.25/ 2.45~3.75/3.9~4.0.

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