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【Exclusive Interview】Wilk Elektronik : GOODRAM, simply good!!

Published 2009-03-10 (GMT+8)


Wieslaw Wilk, CEO of Wilk Elektronik

DRAMeXchange: Can you introduce Wilk Elektronik to our worldwide readers? What’s so special to make Wilk Elektronik so successful distribution in Europe?
Wilk: Wilk Elektronik is a memory module and flash manufacturer located in Poland, only one in Eastern and Middle Europe and former CIS countries. We deliver to the customer located in our region the highest quality memory modules and flash products branded as GOODRAM and GOODDRIVE. The key of the success is local presence, experience and of course “know how” about manufacturing memory product. Fact that Poland is a right place to invest for electronic industry has been proven by Dell and Lenovo moving their European operation to Poland and key players like LG or Toshiba which located their plants in Poland.

For people located in Asia or US, Europe looks like one region or even one country, our focus is only part of Europe - so called Eastern and Central Europe where you find almost 20 countries. Every of them got not only its own language and culture but also inimitable specific character. The key to the success is to be able to understand local differences and act accordingly to that. We launched almost two years ago our branch office GOODRAM Middle East located in Dubai. This is also a part of our strategy to act local with local people but thinking globally. Our sales colleagues no matter in Polish or Dubai office are mostly native, like Polish, Russian, Belarusian, Serbian or Egyptian.

DRAMeXchange: As now, Qimonda is still under the insolvency, what action will you take to maintain the DRAM and FLASH memory product lines under its name?
Wilk: As I mentioned we are focusing for more then 5 years (Wilk Elekktronik SA was established in 1991, GOODRAM brand was launched in 2003) on our own brand GOODRAM. Speaking of Qimonda, it was only one of our supplier for DRAM IC, right now we will shift Qimonda portion to other suppliers like Elpida, Micron or Samsung.

DRAMeXchange: Does this bad economy affect Overclocking memory product sales strongly?
Wilk: The overclocing modules at least in our region are bought mostly by the customers which are not so price sensitive. So we do not see any big impact of the bad economy, as for economy our region still performs much better than Western Europe. It doesn’t mean that our customers don’t pay any attention at price. They do, but the key factor is quality – and so is also our designed for Overclokers – GOODRAM PRO series. Every module has unique design and power. That is why GOODRAM PRO has become a synonym of best quality memory modules for gamers, PC enthusiasts and professionals.
interview_20090310b.jpgGOODRAM PRO: http://www.goodram.com/416

DRAMeXchange: At this point of the time, what’s your opinion to Gaming market? Do any of your Overclocking products have the chance to stand out of the whole product line? And what is your next step?
Wilk: Gaming market is a very important part not only for us. As we all could see, market share for gaming products is increasing. One of our slogans is “GOODRAM Memory experts”, so we are focusing on memories. We are on global market since 1991, first as a distributor, and since 2003 as independent, the only manufacturer in CEE. We have never been tempted by peripherals like mousse, gaming pads etc. And it was worth… GOODRAM PRO is well known brand. Thanks to the quality, also other products are popular on Gaming market. So for GOODRAM this is really GOOD news.

I mentioned that our customers call us “Memory Experts”. We are really enjoying it but… it doesn’t mean that we know everything. That is why we are treating our customers as partners and consultants. Before we introduce new product for gamers, we’re giving it first to best overclokers. Their opinions help us introduce really good product tailored to customers needs. 

DRAMeXchange: What is your opinion to Netbook market?
Wilk: We see a future for this product. It’s not a question of “if” but rather “when”. Netbooks are becoming more and more popular, so I see no factor which could stop it. For us this is also good news, because we offer our customers SSD, branded as GOODDRIVE.

Our products like 64GB SLC or 128GB MLC has won a lot of competition where the performance and price was compared. We supply with this product to high end customer and industrial customer in our region. Due to the strategic cooperation with Toshiba we are able to be ahead of market both regarding price and performance.

DRAMeXchange: Will you change your strategy to decrease the bad affects of economy to Wilk at this moment, or in the near future?
Wilk: Due to tight cost control and high performance of our employees we are very well prepared for the crisis. We close 2008 with profit and significant double digit growth regarding sold quantities especially flash product.

People are our greatest advantage. One thing is machinery, which is unique and state of art. But it would be nothing without people who are operating it and whose ideas are helping us to introduce all the time something new and original for end-users.

DRAMeXchange: Will you keep developing other new territory except the markets of EMEA?
Wilk: Not at this moment, we are trying to increase our presence in every country in the region using the opportunity that some competitors are shrinking or closing operations in this region. Crisis is a big challenge but also big chance for us. We have proven a lot of times that our products are suited just to fit perfect our customers’ needs. We know what we are doing; we know for whom we are doing… yes EMEA is the right choice.

DRAMeXchange: What’s your expectation for Wilk and Memory Industry for 2009?
Wilk: The memory industry will have difficult year in 2009 as consolidation is needed. It will take some time and during this period we will see a lot of turbulences caused by the bad economy and problems which will be faced by big players selling mostly to corporate market. As mentioned before we see economy crisis as opportunity and our plan for 2009 is one - growth.

Wilk Elektronik S.A.
ul. Mikołowska 42
43-174 Łaziska Górne
tel.: +48 0-32/ 736 90 00
fax: +48 0-32/ 736 90 01
Sales Department: sales@wilk.com.pl
General: info@wilk.com.pl
Technical Support: support@wilk.com.pl
GOODRAM Service & RMA: serwis@wilk.com.pl

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