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【Performance Test】Tigo Pro SATA3 SSD 128GB and 256GB

Published 2012-06-29 (GMT+8)

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DRAMeXchange 2012 SSD Performance - Tigo Pro 64GB SSD Helps Optimize Comprehensive Storage with Cost Performance Advantage

This article is part of a series of tests performed by DRAMeXchange, a research division of TrendForce

TIGO is a major manufacturer in the storage market. Among tested TIGO SSDs, 2 SSDs are 128GB and 256GB with high performance.

Both SSDs boasts a SATA3 interface, with SandForce - 2281 controller chip and a Toshiba Toggle 24nm NAND Flash chip.

The following chart provides benchmark software and system specifications:

AS SSD Benchmark

TIGO Pro 128GB SSD gets 493 score,256GB win with 716 score。

HD Tune Pro

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