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【Performance Test】The second SSD Performance Test of 2012 Sponsorship

Published 2012-10-09 (GMT+8)

【 Sponsorship Benefits 】

‧DRAMeXchange held the SSD Performance Test for 3 years that have obtained good praise, which establishes high credibility

‧The advertisements on DRAMeXchange English/Chinese websites are targeted for global market

‧Increase media exposure with double advertising effect

‧Send the information letter to specific target



【 Sponsorship Type 】

  Type A Type B
SSD Performance Test V V
Special Report Product Testing V V
Advertisement on DRAMeXchange V  
SSD Package (Street Price + MI)   V

【 Special Report on Product Testing (Type A、B) 】


‧Product picture

‧Testing chart

‧Product specification

‧Article on product testing

【 Advertisement on DRAMeXchange (Type A) 】

【 SSD Package (Type B) 】


【 The second SSD Performance Test of 2012 -Sponsorship 】

Duration: 3 months

Fee : Please Contact Sales

Contact: Jessica Chang
886-2-7702-6888 ext.630
China: Olivia Lu

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