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Published Aug.21 2007,17:00 PM (GMT+8)
Global NB shipments maintain robust through July 2007. Backed by the strong record from beginning of the year to the end of July, DRAMeXchange believes YoY NB shipments growth may beat expectation with NB and DT PC replacement to take place earlier than expected. Yet, the speculated component shortage may discourage selective vendors' shipments goals; and that how the macro economic trends, also poses uncertainty ahead.
Published Jul.24 2007,17:03 PM (GMT+8)
Fiber optics or XDSL cables are the primary technologies being employed in connecting the digital home with the outside world. Inside the household, an internal network links together the computer, TV, audio & video (AV) system, refrigerator, air conditioner, telephone, washing machine and other electronic devices. However, to the average consumer, the connection between the PC and TV AV system underlines the most tangible aspect in the home networking environment.
Published Jul.17 2007,15:42 PM (GMT+8)
A decade or so ago, when mobile phones first appeared, no one would have thought that these simple gadgets would one day evolve into a device packed with a huge array of features. Picture taking and music playing are the two most commonly seen features being integrated into today's versatile handsets. Camera phones now account for more than 50% in aggregated shipments. Although the ratio of music phones is lower, their sales continue to climb sharply. As the two functions become more widespread, satellite navigation is expected to be the next application in the age of feature-rich cell phones.
Published Jul.10 2007,18:10 PM (GMT+8)
Despite the seasonal slowdown in the PC sector for 2Q07, the CPU price cuts by Intel and AMD in April helped push up MB shipments above expectations in May. However, after May, the shipment figures began to fall once again. In addition to the continuing effects from the weak seasonality, the decline was also attributed to the following factors.
Published Jun.26 2007,16:31 PM (GMT+8)
It is an undeniable fact that DRAM assembling&testing (A&T) houses are closely following DRAM makers'expansion, but lesson is learned here. Price fall of DRAM after over expansion in 2006, was resulted in a miserable situation in 1H07. Not only DRAM makers were mostly seeing their operation running below cost, but also A&T houses seeing severe price pressure. Alongside with the rising exposure to global DRAM A&T industry, DRAMeXchange observes that expansion among A&T houses are cautious in nature, given that uncertainties are still filling when heading to DDR3.
Published Jun.12 2007,15:37 PM (GMT+8)
The 2007 Taipei Summit WiMAX Asia-Pacific Conference & Exhibition was held at the Taipei International Conference Center on May 14th-15th, 2007. The main theme of the conference was illustrating the current development progress of WiMAX, and the changes it may bring forth to the telecommunications industry.
Published Jun.05 2007,17:35 PM (GMT+8)
Just how fast are the SSDs? Are they really capable of significantly boosting the PC performance, in contrast to the HDD? Can it help notebook computers (NBs) conserve more power and improve the battery lifetime?Although no definitive answer can be made now, DRAMeXchange recently conducted benchmark tests on SanDisk's new SSD 5000 2.5" SATA device, hoping to shed some light on these questions.
Published May.29 2007,14:23 PM (GMT+8)
In 1Q07, the market ratio of Intel and AMD based MBs stood at roughly 78.6% and 21.4%. In contrast to the previous quarter, AMD's market share declined slightly, due to Intel's more complete product line, market penetration of lower priced products and Dell's worse-than-expected shipment results.
Published May.15 2007,16:24 PM (GMT+8)
In the wake of the delayed MB purchases in 4Q06, global MB shipments for 1Q07 reached 40M; a QoQ decline of 6.8% and a YoY increase of 6%. Compared to the usual 10% quarterly drop during the turn of the year, the 6% decline in 1Q07 was milder. The smaller decline was mainly attributed to the lower shipment base in 4Q06, along with consumers holding off their purchases until 1Q07.
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