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Published Jan.30 2007,18:13 PM (GMT+8)
DRAMeXchange estimates that global handset shipments grew by 19.3% QoQ to 290m units in 4Q06. Annual handset shipments grew by 21.5% YoY to an approximate of 978m units in 2006. Buoyed from the thirst for handset from emerging markets, growing maturity of 3G and multimedia-oriented handsets, annual shipments have maintained double digit growth for the past several years.
Published Jan.16 2007,18:23 PM (GMT+8)
Microsoft officially launched its Windows Vista Enterprise Edition in Nov, 2006. The Vista Personal Edition is scheduled to be unveiled by the end of January, 2007. DRAMeXchange chose this opportune moment in running a DRAM content test for the Windows Vista Personal Edition. The main goal of this test was to see how smoothly the new operating system would run under different memory contents.
Published Jan.02 2007,17:37 PM (GMT+8)
The development trend of 3C products weighs a great deal on a consumer’s budget restraints and actual requirements. This is why a wide range of products with different functions, performances and qualities have been introduced into the various market segments. The newer 3C integrated products are beginning to have information processing, communications and Internet browsing capabilities, multi-media entertainment functions and so forth. However, the main functions that each 3C manufacturer emphasizes on differ from one another. The outer appearances of PCs or handsets are already morphing into unconventional shapes or sizes. The specifications of low cost models are becoming more standardized, and are designed with simple or single functions. Medium and high end products are migrating towards an open common platform, where they are associated with multiple functions, unique features, high performance and high quality. Regardless of how the product is designed, one thing is for sure----they are becoming more beautiful, lightweight, power-saving, environmental conscious and user-friendly interfaces.
Published Dec.26 2006,17:40 PM (GMT+8)
Amid the anticipated DRAM output growth and increased utilization of the 70nm manufacturing process in 2007, DRAMeXchange believes the backend memory testing industry may become tighter in 2H07. Production changes from Power ASE Technology and the possibility of Hynix outsourcing its DDR 2 testing operations will by two key factors that may affect the industry supply chain.
Published Dec.19 2006,17:34 PM (GMT+8)
Although the stalemate in the Blu-ray Disc (BD) and High Definition DVD (HD DVD) battle in the next-generation blue-laser DVD standard race seems having no immediate solution, the hidden demand for SDR is substantial, regardless which camp is going to beat rival.
Published Dec.05 2006,17:32 PM (GMT+8)
NAND Flash based memory card is the largest “consumer” of NAND Flash among its various applications, which includes DSCs, MP3 Players, mobile phones, PMPs and GPS portable navigation devices (PND).
Published Nov.21 2006,18:28 PM (GMT+8)
DRAMeXchange records global own-brand DRAM makers achieved a 19.6% QoQ revenues growth in 3Q06 (Figure 1) on DDR2
Published Nov.14 2006,18:13 PM (GMT+8)
After many years of development, the desktop market has matured into a thriving industry. Each market share percentage
Published Nov.07 2006,18:20 PM (GMT+8)
In recent years, AMD has begun to gain a bigger market share in the desktop CPU business. According to DRAMeXchange,
Published Oct.24 2006,17:30 PM (GMT+8)
For the last segment of our Special Report, we will focus on handheld devices (mobile phones, PMP, DSC, and GPS ) and the electronic
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