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Published Nov.21 2006,18:28 PM (GMT+8)
DRAMeXchange records global own-brand DRAM makers achieved a 19.6% QoQ revenues growth in 3Q06 (Figure 1) on DDR2
Published Nov.14 2006,18:13 PM (GMT+8)
After many years of development, the desktop market has matured into a thriving industry. Each market share percentage
Published Nov.07 2006,18:20 PM (GMT+8)
In recent years, AMD has begun to gain a bigger market share in the desktop CPU business. According to DRAMeXchange,
Published Oct.24 2006,17:30 PM (GMT+8)
For the last segment of our Special Report, we will focus on handheld devices (mobile phones, PMP, DSC, and GPS ) and the electronic
Published Oct.17 2006,17:18 PM (GMT+8)
Following last week's report on Microsoft's new Vista operating system, we now turn our attention to the development of the video
Published Oct.11 2006,17:46 PM (GMT+8)
The year 2006 has proven to be quite successful for DRAM makers. Production capacity has increased, manufacturing costs have
Published Sep.26 2006,15:30 PM (GMT+8)
Reviewing the past 25 years of PC development, the market size will be doubled to 200mn units in 2006 from 100mn in 1999 and further
Published Sep.21 2006,13:21 PM (GMT+8)
The rapid growing production value of NAND Flash prompts global memory makers project that this non-volatile memory will replace
Published Sep.12 2006,16:50 PM (GMT+8)
The overall PC market was shadowed under the inventory stockpile pressure in 1H amid lower-than-expected sales.
Published Sep.05 2006,15:28 PM (GMT+8)
Handset is now transitioning its role from pure voice call carrier to a multimedia-oriented device. The growing demand for muscular
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