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Published Jun.13 2006,17:56 PM (GMT+8)
Ever since Sony launched its first generation Play Station game console, the development strategy of its new generation game
Published Jun.06 2006,17:21 PM (GMT+8)
Ever since Sony debuted its Play Station 2 (PS2) in March 2000 and Nintendo and Microsoft respectively introduced their
Published May.30 2006,19:17 PM (GMT+8)
The insufficient DRAM supply, as well as the goal to enlarge market share, jointly prompt Taiwan makers to accelerate
Published May.23 2006,17:53 PM (GMT+8)
Graphics DDR3 (GDDR3) is the memory that specially designed for graphics applications with the two leading graphics chips giants,
Published May.16 2006,17:42 PM (GMT+8)
The application of DRAM is comprehensive. It fills up consumers' daily life and embedded at home electrical appliances like
Published May.09 2006,18:33 PM (GMT+8)
Series of NAND Flash-based storage applications and multimedia-oriented handhelds should supplement
Published May.02 2006,16:42 PM (GMT+8)
Although both NOR and NAND Flash are the two complementary flash memory for most of nowadays'
Published Apr.25 2006,16:05 PM (GMT+8)
The constant advancement of both mobile communication standard and semiconductor process has supplied impetuses to
Published Apr.11 2006,17:10 PM (GMT+8)
The stable SDRAM price trend no longer sticks to its consistency in early 2004 amid the rapid growth of output upon
Published Apr.04 2006,18:21 PM (GMT+8)
Although tablet PC has been introduced for three years, the market response is still minimal.