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In recent years, China has spared no effort in developing the semiconductor industry, as evidenced by vigorous policy and funding support by the central and municipal governments, leading to the gradual maturity of the overall semiconductor industrial chain including foundries, IC assemblers, and semiconductor equipment manufacturers. This TrendForce report can help customers have a firm grip on China's semiconductor policy deployment and changes in its domestic market.

Be you an investor, semiconductor-related enterprise, fund manager, or even policy think tank, you can understand the status of China's semiconductor industry from the report, which can be a valuable reference for strategic deployment in various fields.

Who should read the in-depth analytical report on China's semiconductor industry?

People engaged in semiconductor industry worldwide

Investors with an eye on the development of China's hi-tech industry trend

China Semiconductor Related fund managers

Government think tanks and staff for semiconductor related trends

What does the report on China's semiconductor industry offer?

Analysis of the development trend of China's semiconductor industry

Chinese government's policy for supporting the development of the semiconductor industry

Analysis of the status of China's IC and wafer manufacturing industries

Is cutting-edge process the next mile for China's semiconductor industry?

How to view China's IC assembly industry?

Rivalry between native and foreign firms for IDM businesses

Most complete figures and output value rankings of the semiconductor industry

Values of Global Semiconductor

Changes in China’s wafer fab capacities

Revenues of Chinese IC enterprises

Update Frequency: Quarterly / Annual

Format: PDF

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