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Published Jun.25 2013,14:49 PM (GMT+8)
SanDisk, the global leading provider in flash memory storage solutions, has been transforming flash memory storage for 25 years. From a three-person start-up in Silicon Valley to a world-recognized brand with more than 4,800 employees, it has maintained a consistent commitment to advance technologies and meet its customers’ needs.
Published Jun.01 2011,16:36 PM (GMT+8)
In light of the increased demand in server memory from emerging countries and companies such as Facebook, Google and Amazon, cloud computing has stimulated diversity in the production lines of major memory manufacturers.
Published Feb.09 2010,11:40 AM (GMT+8)
Simmtronics Semiconductors Ltd. is one of the leading manufacturers for memory modules, motherboards, netbooks sand VGA cards, with 3 manufacturing facilities globally and sales offices in 11 countries –Singapore, India, UAE, UK, USA, Thailand, etc. Having started the memory module business in 1990, our expertise in the memory business extends to nearly two decades. All Simmtronics memory modules are lifetime warranted, ISO 9001 certified, and competitively priced. Simmtronics has over 6000 different memory modules for Desktops, Laptops/ Notebooks, and Servers, which are 100% compatible with Acer, Compaq, HP, IBM, Intel, etc.
Published Jan.11 2010,15:09 PM (GMT+8)
KingSpec’s strength lies in its pursuit of high product quality. Kingspec has been engaged in developing, producing and selling flash-related storage devices since its establishment. In 2008, KingSpec joined SSDA (Solid State Drive Association) for two main reasons: one, to learn about cutting-edge technologies as early as possible; and two, to master related testing methods and techniques published by SSDA. At KingSpec, we always stick to the guideline: do what we can and do it the best, in other words, professionalism and expertise in the SSD field.
Published Jun.03 2009,14:07 PM (GMT+8)
Ever since the inception of Newlystar (International) Technology Inc., the company has based its memory brand Kingtiger on the "high quality and superior service" principle, the "innovative development" spirit, and the "customer first" notion. The company is keeping growing in the memory industry and by now, there are already Stone Tiger, Games Edition and other product series under the Kingtiger brand. The company is thriving even during the global economic crisis, and is continuously introducing new products while keeping strong growing momentum.
Published May.04 2009,16:27 PM (GMT+8)
During the company’s growing and developing process over the past few years, Biwin Technology Limited has been putting high value on credit standing and has been down-to-earth in its progressing. To get some knowledge about Biwin’s current operating situation and its 2009 outlook, DRAMeXchange has recently visited Biwin president Sun Rixin, who has shared with us his viewpoints and suggestions on the flash memory industry.
Published Apr.08 2009,14:12 PM (GMT+8)
DRAMeXchange recently interviewed Dr. Gibson Chen, Vice President of ADATA Technology Co., Taiwan’s No.1 DRAM module maker. Chen shared with us his insights on market trends, and secrets about how ADATA got to the top in the industry.
Published Mar.10 2009,16:56 PM (GMT+8)
Wilk Elektronik is a memory module and flash manufacturer located in Poland, only one in Eastern and Middle Europe and former CIS countries. We deliver to the customer located in our region the highest quality memory modules and flash products branded as GOODRAM and GOODDRIVE. The key of the success is local presence, experience and of course “know how” about manufacturing memory product. Fact that Poland is a right place to invest for electronic industry has been proven by Dell and Lenovo moving their European operation to Poland and key players like LG or Toshiba which located their plants in Poland.
Published Feb.12 2009,15:00 PM (GMT+8)
While the macro-economic effect of the economy certainly affects everyone we continue to see robust sales and demand for our products in multiple categories. OCZ products are premium offerings and because our overclocking products are a priority buy for high end consumers we are still seeing strong sales.
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