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Published Jul.20 2015,00:00 AM (GMT+8)
This article continues from our previous SSD report by focusing on the performances and efficiency of the latest 480GB-512GB SSDs.
Published Mar.24 2015,09:52 AM (GMT+8)
DRAMeXchange provides accurate and comprehensive test results of mainstream and advanced SSD products in the market to reflect
Published Jul.29 2014,10:28 AM (GMT+8)
Last year, we discussed with our readers the challenges that the SSD market would face following the release of new Flash Memory products and the advancements in their technologies; we also touched on the importance of controller IC design, as well as explained the general impact that it would have on the performance of various types of SSDs. For this year, we will be bringing the IC design discussion a step further by focusing on the current state of controller developments and their role in shaping the future of SSD products.
Published Jul.11 2012,15:34 PM (GMT+8)
SSDs (Solid State Drives) were amongst the many electronic products that were highly promoted and sought after during Computex 2012. Attendees at the event were attracted not only by the older versions of these data storage devices, many of which were offered at clearance prices, but also by the new SSDs that promise better storage capacity and stronger processing capabilities.
Published Dec.08 2011,18:12 PM (GMT+8)
Hard disk is by far the most important data storage device of a PC/notebook. Due to the price drop and technology enhancement of flash chips, NAND flash-based SSDs become more mature, and their costs and prices become more acceptable to the industries and consumers, which caused the SSD shipments to surge considerably in 2011.
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