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【SSD Market Review】SSDs on the Rise, Expected to Go Mainstream in the Future

Published Jul.11 2012,15:34 PM (GMT+8)

SSDs (Solid State Drives) were amongst the many electronic products that were highly promoted and sought after during Computex 2012. Attendees at the event were attracted not only by the older versions of these data storage devices, many of which were offered at clearance prices, but also by the new SSDs that promise better storage capacity and stronger processing capabilities.

With their rising popularity, it is predicted that SSDs will quickly become a widely pursued item for both professional companies and ordinary consumers alike. Similar to SSD notebooks like Macbook Pro and Macbook Air, many Windows-based laptops have begun to utilize as well as take advantage of these capable storage devices. The adoption rate for SSDs is expected to increase as more computer manufacturers begin to embrace the benefits these memory drives have to offer.

Recently, game software companies are also turning to SSD technology as a means of providing better experience for consumers. In order to run a high profile game like Diablo 3 without incurring any frame rate issues, a computer would need to utilize both a highly competent graphics card and a powerful memory storage system. It is perhaps for this reason that, next to graphics processors, SSDs have become such a frequently bought item amongst PC gamers.

While SSDs are certain to gain a lot more attention, these storage devices have yet to become a mainstream product. Like any product that is just beginning to gain momentum, we believe it will take some time before the general masses accept SSD technology with open arms.