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【Performance Test】2015 SSD Performance Test - Sponsorship

Published Apr.10 2015,09:56 AM (GMT+8)



【 Sponsor Benefits 】

‧ Participate in the SSD test that has six years of experience

‧ Advertise on the world leading website in memory industry, DRAMeXchange

‧ Use media resource from TechNews to reach unlimited number of potential clients

‧ Be in the spotlight during Computex 2015 to generate more business

World leading research division in memory industry   Leading technology news provider   The largest ICT trade show in Asia and the second largest in the world

【 Sponsorship 】

 Sponsorship Option A Option B
 Exclusive SSD Product Review
 DRAMeXchange Website Promotion
 TechNews SSD Zone Promotion
 TechNews's Social Media Promotion
 Full Page AD in Computex Special Issue (30,000 Distributions)  
Special Offer
SSD Package MI

【 SSD Review 】


‧ Product image

‧ Product specifications

‧ Performance test results

【 Sponsor’s SSD Review 】

Sponsor’s exclusive SSD review will be published on DRAMeXchange’s multi-language websites in Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese and English.


【 DRAMeXchange Website Promotion 】

SSD homepage banner( English & Chinese)

SSD homepage banner( English & Chinese)


【 TechNews SSD Zone Promotion 】

Sponsor’s SSD review will be published on Technew’s website.


【 TechNews Social Media Promotion 】

Reach out to unlimited audience on TechNews’s Facebook.


【 Computex Special Issue 】

Advantage of TechNews at Computex

Effective Exposure :
Massive readership base in Taiwan (Traditional Chinese site), Europe/US (English site), and China (Simplified Chinese site)

Professional Industry Coverage :
Semiconductors, mobile devices, internet trends, consumer electronics, software development, medical science

Timely News Update :
Up to 30-40 articles published a day


‧ Size : 21cm x 28cm (42cm x 28cm for double page spread)
‧ Pages : 48
‧ Topics : Information Technology, Semiconductors, Mobile Computing, Industry Analysis, Feature Interview, Industry Highlights

【 Specials Offer 】

SSD Package MI: USD 8,000 (Original price: USD 8,500)


【 2015 SSD Performance Test Sponsorship 】

Duration : 3 months  
Fee : Please Contact Sales
China: Olivia Lu