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【Market View】Benchmarks Show the C344 Series From SiS Is a Great New Choice for Those Seeking High-Performance and Reliable Consumer SSDs

Published Jan.08 2020,08:49 AM (GMT+8)

Benchmarks Show the C344 Series From SiS Is a Great New Choice for Those Seeking High-Performance and Reliable Consumer SSDs

As a globally renowned leader in cutting-edge IC design, Taiwan’s Silicon Integrated Systems Corp. (SiS) in the recent years has not only maintained its position at the forefront of industry developments but also expanded its product and service portfolio. Through its diversification strategy, the company has brought many remarkable innovations into different application fields. Seeing that SSDs have emerged as the mainstream technology in digital data storage, SiS has launched M.2 NVMe PCIe SSDs that target three major market segments: consumers, gamers, and enterprise clients. With this full lineup of next-generation storage solutions, SiS is ready to satisfy the needs of various kinds of users that all demand a high degree of efficiency and stability in SSD performance.

SiS raises performance and stability while keeping power consumption low

While the C series SSDs are positioned as consumer-grade SSDs, SiS has not skimped on hardware specifications and performance. Their maximum read and write speeds reach up to 2000MB/s and 1700MB/s respectively. Performance attributes such as power management, error correction, and memory lifespan have been painstakingly optimized. Additionally, the C series offers an array of features such as data protection mechanisms to safeguard users’ information. When it comes to power management, the C series supports various power saving technologies including APST, ASPM, and L1.2 so as to prevent any wasteful power consumption. Two other notable highlights are the adoption of LDPC for error correction and the extended support for 3D NAND Flash. Given these features and enhancements, the C series SSDs can be regarded as consumer storage solutions that actually meet the enterprise standard for quality and performance.

▲The C series (C334) SSD shown here is the 1TB model that has gone through several benchmark tests arranged by TechNews. The label clearly indicates that the product is made in Taiwan.

▲SiS has adopted the latest interface standard (M.2 NVMe PCIe Gen 3) for the C series to ensure easy installation, high performance, and other robust capabilities.

▲SiS has also adopted the single-sided design for the C series, so there is no memory chip on the reverse side of the module.

▲The streamlined form factor allows for quick installation. Just insert the SSD into the designated M.2 slot on the motherboard and secure it with a screw. The SSD is mounted and ready to use after these two simple steps.

Benchmarks show impressive results for the C series

To demonstrate the capabilities of the C series, SiS has provided TechNews with a 1TB model for benchmarking. Below are the results of testing using CrystalDiskMark, AS SSD Benchmark, and TxBENCH.


The 1TB SSD was first tested three times using CrystalDiskMark. The results have yielded an average read speed of 2020.14MB/s and an average write speed of 1595.97MB/s.

AS SSD Benchmark

The average read and write speeds from the three tests using AS SSD Benchmark are 1077.24MB/s and 1481.85MB/s respectively.


The results from running on TxBENCH reveal an average read speed of 1959.462MB/s and an average write speed of 1019.499MB/s.

Extensive testing with the three popular benchmark programs has indicated that the C series SSDs are capable of attaining nearly the maximum read and write speeds as described in their specifications (i.e., read 2000MB/s and write 1000MB/s). Compared with similar consumer-grade SSDs from other manufacturers, the C series SSDs from SiS have the decisive advantage of exceptional and stable performance. Furthermore, SiS provides the guarantee that its products are 100% made in Taiwan.

Upgrading to SSD is now mainstream among consumers worldwide

Several major technological and market trends are working together in driving the adoption of SSDs. From the technological angle, the development of SSD controller chips has reached a new level of maturity. Advances in the controller technology further underscore the distinct benefits that SSDs already have, such as faster data access, noiseless operation, and shock resistance. At the same time, prices of NAND Flash memory have been falling in the international market. Owing to the combination of these factors, SSDs have pretty much replaced traditional HDDs as the mainstream digital data storage technology in the consumer market. Today’s PC users can thus find a huge and diverse selection of SSDs, whether they are looking for conventional 2.5-inch SATA devices or PCIe devices.

Since all PC users desire the fastest possible time for booting a computer and opening an application, SSDs are a must when buying a new desktop or laptop system. In most cases, a 480GB or 512GB SSDs serving as the system disk plus a 2TB or larger HDD serving as the data disk will be enough to satisfy both the performance and storage needs. It is also worth noting that 1TB SSDs, which have seen their retail prices drop in tandem with the decline in NAND Flash prices, have become an available option for consumer purchase. In view of these recent developments, SiS has launched the C series to tap into the growing demand in the consumer segment of the SSD market. From the standpoints of design, marketing, and benchmarking, the C series SSDs are unique because they are affordable, high-quality products that offer efficient and reliable performance. Hence, it will be no surprise that SiS’s C series will soon be recognized as a top choice among SSD buyers in the near future.

Specifications of SiS’s C Series SSDs

Series Name:


Dimension (Max):

80.0 mm x 22.0 mm x 3.58 mm (3.15" x 0.87" x 0.14")

Bus Interface:

PCIe Gen 3

Flash Memory Type:

3D NAND Flash

Capacity Options:


Operating Temperature:

0°C~70°C (32°F ~158°F)

Operating Voltage:


Read Speed (Max):


Write Speed (Max):


Safety Certification:



3-Year Limited

Operating System:

Windows 10